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Newbury Properties

Newbury Properties are a Private Investment Company and are Local Professional Landlords.

Established in 1995 we have a portfolio of quality Residential and Commercial Properties to let covering the Fylde Coast area.

Our aim at Newbury is to provide a friendly bespoke service to suit each individual tenant’s personal needs and requirements and our team are always happy to take your call or help with your enquiry.

We also specialize in accommodation for students and we prioritize our quality partnership with local government and education establishments to ensure safe secure and managed accommodation for students with on site management facilities.

Our Aims & Objectives

Newbury Properties aim to develop and let high quality residential property with a contemporary approach to kitchens, bathrooms and decoration. Key areas for student portfolio development include sought after locations for schools, transport and commerce.

Newbury Properties prioritise quality partnerships with local government and education establishments to ensure the companies long-term strategy towards quality accommodation in the Blackpool and Fylde area over the next decade.

To ensure safe, secure and managed accommodation through regular gas, electricity and fire safety inspections to exceed current regulations. Newbury Properties has a four point policy for student accommodation which consists of the following:

  • Create friendly and warm social and learning environment.
  • To provide high speed broadband availability to all students.
  • To continue to work in Partnership with Blackpool & Fylde College and Blackpool Borough Council.
  • To ensure the ongoing development of students needs and requirements for the future.

Student Accommodation Price List 2014/2015

Property Address

Weekly Rent


Term Rent

130 Palatine Road

£75.00 per week


£ 1100.00 per term

94-98 Palatine Road

£75.00 per week


£1100.00 per term

55 Palatine Road

£85.00 per week


£ 1246.66 per term

Sample Contract

Name of Licensor: Newbury Properties
(referred to in this Agreement as “Newbury Properties”, “we”, “us” or “our”)

Registered Address of Newbury Properties: 7-9 Church Road, Lytham, FY8 5LH

Name and Address of Licensee: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(referred to in this Agreement as “the Licensee”, “you” or “your”)

Name and Address of Guarantor: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(“the Guarantor”)

Address of Premises: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(referred to in this Agreement as “Accommodation”)

Description of your Accommodation: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
In this Agreement “Accommodation” means the Accommodation allocated to you, that includes the furniture, fittings and equipment provided for use by you and the other residents and also shared areas, which includes the shared kitchen and living facilities where your Accommodation is located.

Start date of the Licence: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
(the initial licence period)

The Licence begins on {6th September 2014} and will be for {44} weeks finishing on {10th July 2015}.
(referred to in this Agreement as “The Initial Licence Period”).

Payments for your Accommodation:

The Licensee shall pay to the Licensor £ ............. in respect of the occupation of the accommodation.

The instalments listed below cumulatively relate to a complete payment for the entire Initial Licence Period and are not specific to any particular period of time within the Initial Licence Period.

I accept that the total Licence Fee payable for the Accommodation are £ ............. I undertake to pay these in 3 instalments (1 per term) of £ .............


You must pay a deposit of £300.00 (three hundred pounds) (“the Deposit”) by way of cleared funds before entering into occupation of the Accommodation. The Deposit will be held in trust by Newbury Properties but you shall not be entitled to any interest on that Deposit. Newbury Properties will be entitled to draw on the Deposit at any time to pay sums due but unpaid by you under this Agreement or as reasonable compensation for any other non-compliance with your obligations under this Agreement. The Deposit shall be repaid in full within 28 days of the end of the Agreement or, if money is to be retained, the balance to be returned within 8 weeks. Newbury Properties reserves the right to recover from you any reasonable additional sum as it thinks fit on demand.

 Newbury Properties will use its best endeavours to return the Deposit that has been paid by you. If after two years of your Licence expiration date the Deposit has still not been cashed or returned to you the Deposit will be forfeit and will no longer be available to you.

You agree that if you are an existing student wishing to remain on at the Accommodation after the Initial Licence Period has expired then the Deposit from your Initial Licence Period will be transferred across to your new Initial Licence Period. Should your Deposit have been partially used to cover remedial works for repairs or for any other reason listed in this Licence then you agree to make up the difference to the full Deposit amount payable in the same manner as specified for payment of the Deposit.

Cancellation Prior to Arrival

If you are unable to take up residence a refund of the Deposit will only be made in the following circumstances:

* Failure to meet the entry criteria at your College
* If you are unable to provide a valid student visa for the duration of your chosen course
* The College has cancelled the course that you were planning to attend.

You must ensure that you inform Newbury Properties directly within two days of notification if any of the above issues come into being. Failure to inform Newbury Properties will result in you losing your
Deposit and being liable for the Licence Fee, for the period that your Accommodation remains vacant.


Newbury Properties LICENCE AGREEMENT


It is agreed as follows:

    1. Subject to this Agreement, Newbury Properties grants to you a right to occupy your Accommodation for the period, as set out in this Agreement. You also have the right to use the furniture, equipment and other property located in the Accommodation for the Initial Licence Period.
    2.  In no way does this Agreement give you any security of tenure. This Agreement does not give you the right to exclusive possession of any part of the Accommodation. Newbury Properties may, where necessary, move you to another room or flat. This may be for reasons including, but not limited to, emergency repairs, refurbishment or to ensure compliance with the terms of this Agreement.
    3. You will be obliged to comply with any further regulations Newbury Properties may make from time to time following changes in the law or reasonable requirements in the interests of security and/or good estate management.
    4. Newbury Properties will not increase the Licence Fee during the Initial Licence Period. However, Newbury Properties reserves the right to increase the Licence Fee if you extend your stay beyond the Initial Licence Period.
    1. Subject to interruptions that are beyond its reasonable control and for which Newbury Properties cannot be held responsible, Newbury Properties will make reasonable efforts to ensure the provision of and to pay for the following services and (where appropriate) the maintenance and renewal of any pipes, wires etc used to provide them: electricity, gas, water, fire safety equipment and any other service provided at Newbury Properties discretion.
    2. All other services (if any) will be your responsibility to provide and pay for direct to any service provider.
    3. Newbury Properties, its authorised employees and representatives may enter the Accommodation at any time to inspect the state and condition of the Accommodation and to carry out any of it's obligations under this Agreement and may from time to time, acting reasonably and upon reasonable prior notice, require you to move rooms or share a flat.
    4. Newbury Properties shall keep the Accommodation together with any furniture and other equipment (including those for heating, water and electricity) in the Accommodation that it may provide in good repair and condition, fair wear and tear excepted.
    5. Newbury Properties and its agents shall have no liability to you for any loss, expense, damage or theft (howsoever arising) under or in connection with this Licence Agreement or by virtue of any other act or omission of Newbury Properties employees, agents or contractors.
    1. Only named Licensees may live at the Accommodation and for residential purposes only and no other use of the Accommodation is permitted. No pets are allowed.
    2. You shall accept joint responsibility for your conduct and that of each named Licensee at the Accommodation (as defined on page 1 of this Agreement) as well as having sole responsibility for your visitors to the Accommodation and shall not damage the Accommodation or any part of it nor any such furniture and equipment and shall keep all parts of the Accommodation and the furniture and equipment reasonably clean and tidy and in good order. It is agreed that if you fail to do this, Newbury Properties may make good any such damage or arrange for cleaning to be carried out and charge you for it. You shall pay to Newbury Properties the reasonable cost of any damage to the shared areas of your Accommodation and any shared items or a reasonable percentage of such costs if it is caused collectively with other Licencees.
      1. Charges for damages in shared areas. In the event of any damage occurring to any shared areas or shared items of your Accommodation when it has not been possible to determine the identity of the person who caused the damage, Newbury Properties will charge you collectively with other Licensees. You will be charged a percentage of the reasonable remediation costs along with the other Licensees in the Accommodation.
    3. You must notify Newbury Properties as soon as possible of any defect or repair. It is agreed that if you fail to notify Newbury Properties promptly and further damage arises which was avoidable, you shall be responsible for and pay to Newbury Properties any such additional costs that may arise.
    4. You agree to allow access to the Accommodation to Newbury Properties, its authorised employees and representatives upon reasonable notice (except in cases of emergency) to inspect the state and condition of the Accommodation, carry out repairs and to allow Newbury Properties to carry out any of its obligations under this Agreement.
    5. You shall not make any improvements, alterations or additions to the Accommodation, nor change anything else relating to the Accommodation or the furniture and equipment including decoration.
    6. You must tell Newbury Properties if the Accommodation is to be empty for four weeks or longer.
    7. Newbury Properties cannot accept any responsibility for your personal belongings. Newbury Properties strongly recommends you take out appropriate insurance against loss or damage by theft or any other normally insurable risk.
    8. You agree not to do anything nor allow your visitors to do anything which is or is likely to cause nuisance or annoyance to any person.
    9. You agree not to commit, or allow visitors to commit, any harassment or threat of harassment on any ground but in particular race, colour, religion, sex, sexuality, gender or disability that may interfere with the peace and comfort of, or cause offence to any other person in the Accommodation.
    10. You shall not use or allow the Accommodation to be used for any illegal or immoral purpose including, for example, prostitution, the use or supply of any unlawful drugs or other substances. You must not keep any firearms, offensive weapon or explosive material in the Accommodation.
    11. You must not smoke anywhere inside the Accommodation.
    12. You agree not to play, or allow visitors to play, any radio, television, equipment or musical instruments so loudly that it causes a nuisance or annoyance.
    13. A parking space is not provided for you as part of this agreement.
    14. Newbury Properties reserves the right to refuse any non-resident admission to the Accommodation without explanation.
    1. The Agreement may be terminated by Newbury Properties upon not less than four week's prior notice in writing if any of the following circumstances arises:
      1. It appears that you have provided false information to Newbury Properties on your application for Accommodation or in connection with this Agreement; or
      2. There is a change in your personal circumstances such that you cease to be studying full time/part-time at a College; or
      3. You commit a breach of any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement. This includes if Newbury Properties reasonably believes you present a serious and immediate risk to the health and safety of other residents, staff or contractors in which case Newbury Properties may terminate your occupation and exclude you from the Accommodation immediately.
      4. Your Licence Fee remains unpaid for more than 14 days whether formally demanded or not. In the circumstances that this Agreement is terminated by Newbury Properties for one of the reasons above then you will remain liable to pay the Licence Fee for the full Initial Licence Period.
      5. If you wish to leave the Accommodation before the end of the licence period and cease to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement you must first comply with all of the following conditions:
      6. You must give to Newbury Properties not less than four week's prior written notice of your intention to leave and if you fail to do so you will remain liable for the Licence Fee until the end of the Initial Licence Period;
      7. You must find the a replacement Licensee acceptable to Newbury Properties and notify Newbury Properties of the same in good time before leaving;
      8. If no suitable replacement Licensee is found by the date of the proposed departure then Newbury Properties may find an alternative Licensee to occupy the Accommodation and in any event, the License Fee shall remain payable until the end of the Initial Licence Period by the then remaining Licensees (which will include all the original Licensees who have not complied with this provision); and
      9. If the Licensee leaves the Accommodation in accordance with the provisions of clause 4.2 they must also comply with the provisions of clause 4.4 on their departure, but in any event the remaining Licensees will still be responsible for the use of the Accommodation in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
    2. In exceptional circumstances, if you wish to leave the Accommodation before the end of the Initial Licence Period and cease to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you must first obtain Newbury Properties consent and subject to certain conditions that may include paying Newbury Properties reasonable costs associated with reletting the Accommodation, you will be allowed to surrender or give up this Licence before it could otherwise lawfully be ended.
    3. On moving out, you must hand over the keys to the Accommodation to Newbury Properties and remove all personal belongings and make sure that the Accommodation is in the same condition (and clean and tidy) as is required by this Agreement. If this provision is not strictly observed, then Newbury Properties may remove all such personal belongings, rubbish and abandoned property and dispose of them as it sees fit, without notice. Newbury Properties may clean and/or repair the Accommodation and charge you the cost of carrying out the same, such sum being payable on demand by you.
    4. Any letter, notice or other official document which you send us will be valid if you send it or take it to our offices at 7-9 Church Road Lytham FY8 5LH. Any letter, notice or other official document which we send to you will be validly served if we send it or take it to the Accommodation, this Agreement is for or your last known address.
  5. Guarantor
    1. The Guarantor agrees to pay The Licensor against any reasonable losses suffered as a result of the Licensee failing   to fulfil any of his obligations under this agreement or failing to pay Rents or other monies lawfully due.
    2. The Guarantor agrees to pay, on demand and in full, any overdue Rent or others monies lawfully due under this agreement for the full Term and until vacant possession is given to The Licensor.
    3. The Guarantor agrees to make payments lawfully due under clause 1.1 or 1.2 even after the Licensee has yielded up possession.




I confirm that I have read Newbury Properties Licence Agreement and I accept the Licence of my Accommodation on these terms.


Signed for and on behalf of The Licensor................................................................................           


Signed by the Licensee............................................................................................................


Signed by the Guarantor........................................................................................................

Dated this………………day of………………………………………   2014

** Awaiting Update **

** Awaiting Update **